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Chosen People Ministries admits they break the law

February 7, 2010

Much to the chagrin of a high percentage of the Jewish population in Israel, it is not illegal to proselytize in Israel.  It is, however, illegal to proselytize children and to proselytize with enticement.  And most of the Christians residing in Israel would try to tell you that they are law abiding citizens.  That is, unless the law goes against their own personal agenda of converting Jews.   Then, all bets are off.

Case in point:  Chosen People Ministries admits that it uses the Tel Aviv outreach facility to feed poor Jews and uses these opportunities to “share the Gospel” read a quote from their website:

“By God’s grace, because we have begun outreach through the Tel Aviv Messianic Center (which has a full industrial kitchen), we are in the unique position to help hundreds of these desperate people right now. I don’t know if you have ever been to Israel, but I can assure you that even though Tel Aviv generally has a mild climate, it is still cold there during December.

The need is urgent and the time to send your gift – especially if you would like to maximize your gift for tax purposes – is now.

Whatever you donate before December 31 will be used to feed the hungry in Israel, provide a warm place for those who are cold to have a cup of tea or coffee with a believer who will lend them a sympathetic ear and of course share the Gospel with them.”

So much for being law abiding.  Of course, whether or not the law will ever be enforced is another question, entirely.

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  1. folke Holtz permalink
    May 5, 2010 12:45 am

    It is vital for honest people to keep the law. I think it is vital to keep an eye on whats going on in Tel Aviv there many seems to be secular. It seems to be a need of Torah- tanks and a Jewish revival with niggun of Carlebach and an awaking of the beautiful of the Oral law. It could also be an idea to invite messianics to shabatmeal in order for them to discover the true Judaism and in due time leave the messianic circles for a true Jewish life.
    My Jewish heart becomes wild in the eager to preserve the Jewish life in Israel. Beit Midrash in every corner, please.

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