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Israeli missionary makes a fool of himself

July 21, 2010

According to the website of the missionary Zev Porat, Zev was born and raised in Israel, the son of a Rabbinic family.

One would expect, then, that Zev would at least be able to read Hebrew.  However, in his newest article on his website, Zev points to a Yad L’achim sign and claims that it says, “Jews for Judaism.”  Never mind the fact that Jews for Judaism does not have an office in B’nei Brak, the statement is laughable.  Just as laughable is Zev’s claim that he “shared the gospel” with 40 Orthodox Jews on Tisha b’av.

Of course, Mr. Porat uses this claim in order to ask that people donate money so that he can continue his “ministry.”

Zev claims that he shared the gospel with these people by showing them Isaiah 53.  However, the gospel isn’t in Isaiah 53.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the Isaiah 53 link on the Shomrei Emet website, which now has the writings of several counter-missionaries on the subject.

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